Choosing The Right Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture can be the very best choice for patios and garden rooms. Why choose featureDECO for your Rattan Garden Furniture? Choosing a Rattan Sofa from a company such as DECO will assure the customer of a high-quality product. When choosing an Outdoor Sofa, it is important to get one that is made of water resistant materials that can withstand weather changes, mould, and UV rays. The furniture should be strong, durable and comfortable. Synthetic rattan can meet all those requirements.

Synthetic Rattan

Synthetic rattan can be a good answer to the need of water resistant outdoor furniture for seating. Synthetic rattan is strong, flexible and sun and water resistant. Rattan is woven into many different patterns on an aluminum or specially treated steel frame. Upholstered cushions of a foam and filler mix covered with polyester fabric designed for outdoor use can add comfort and style to rattan furniture.


Rattan can be made of three different synthetic materials. They are PE or polyethylene fiber that is able to be recycled and is the strongest synthetic rattan, PU rattan which is also strong and flexible but is not able to be recycled, and PVC which is the least expensive synthetic rattan fiber. All of these rattans are water and UV ray resistant, mould proof, and hold up in extreme temperatures. They can be molded into different shapes and sizes of fibers to be woven into many designs of rattan. The fiber shapes and sizes include 20cm, 12mm, and 6mm flat rattan, round textured rattan, and 5mm and 10mm half moon textured rattan. These fibers are used alone or in combination to make beautiful rattan designs for sofas, chairs, and tables to be used in outdoor spaces. A Garden Sofa made of synthetic rattan can be both stylish and comfortable.

Other Products For Outdoor Furniture

DECO company also carries cast aluminum outdoor furniture and Acacia wood garden furniture. These pieces can be used alone or in combination with the beautiful synthetic rattan furniture.

The cast aluminum furniture has a powder coated finish that makes it impervious to outdoor weather conditions. It is much lighter than cast iron furniture or wrought iron furniture. It comes in classic and contemporary styles.

Acacia wood garden furniture is a natural golden wood color that weathers to a light gray color. Just sand it to bring back the golden color. Oil treatments during manufacturing bring out the gold color and the furniture can be treated each year to maintain that color. This strong hardwood makes durable furniture. Go to the website for more furniture information.